CSEA Test Booklets

I’ve had a few questions about where to find the CSEA booklets.
The books are (and always were) supposed to only be free for CSEA members.

Unfortunately, CSEA materials are now only available to CSEA members.

PEF members are supposed to purchase the books from CSEA.

If you visit http://csealearningcenter.org, hard copies can be ordered on the online store or digital downloads are available if you sign up for online courses.  Subscribing to the online courses is the ONLY legitimate way for PEF members to obtain digital copies of these booklets.

A few people have emailed me with links they found by searching on the internet.  Some CSEA locals apparently make the booklets available on their websites without requiring member signin.

I obviously can’t control what you search or which links you visit, but I’m not doing anything to enable people to break copyright.  Therefore, I will not condone sharing those links on this site or any sites I control.

Relevant booklet numbers for the 2017 exams:
Logical reasoning using flowcharts – Booklet 25 (first half only – Flowcharting)
Understanding and interpreting a manual – no booklet available
Preparing written material – Booklet 17
Systems analysis – no booklet available
Understanding and interpreting tabular material – Booklet 3 (Tabular Reasoning), Booklet 15 (Quantitative Analysis)
Supervising a project – no booklet available
Supervision – Booklet 6
Project management fundamentals – no booklet available
Administration – no booklet available
Writing skills for managers – Booklet 17 (Preparing Written Material) and Booklet 5 (Grammar, Usage, and Punctuation)
Project management – no booklet available
Administrative supervision – Booklet 18
Strategic planning, fiscal analysis, management of budgets and contracts – no booklet available

Thanks, and happy studying!

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