All Study Resources for 12/10/2022 Exams

Links to archived livestreams:
Nov 5th – Intro, Tabular · Materials
Nov 12th – Project Mgmt, Supervision · Materials
Nov 17th – Review of all previous topics

Mar 5 – Intro, Systems Analysis
Mar 19 – Preparing Written Material, Flowcharts
Mar 26 – Manuals, Wrap-Up
Apr 30 – Post-Test Stream

What to study:
Subjects of Examination

Resources by title:
· ITS3 (Open-Competitive)
· ITS4
· Manager ITS 1
· Manager ITS 2
· Asst Dir or Dir ITS 1
· Asst Dir or Dir ITS 2 / Dir ITS 3

Resources by topic:
· Logical reasoning using flowcharts
· Understanding and interpreting a manual
· Preparing written material
· Systems analysis
· Understanding and interpreting tabular material
· Project Management (includes Supervising a project, Project management fundamentals, and Project Management)
· Supervision (includes Supervision, Administration, and Administrative Supervision)
· Preparing reports and official documents
· Strategic planning, fiscal analysis, management of budgets and contracts

Strategic planning, fiscal analysis, management of budgets and contracts

Description from Civil Service Subject of Examination:

These questions test for the ability to organize and develop long range information technology plans that align the IT organization with the agency mission and the strategic goals and initiatives of key program management leaders of an agency. Knowledge of the agency’s budget process, managing the fiscal and vendor relationship aspects of contracts and state procurement guidelines are key knowledge areas. Questions will cover such things as assigning relative priorities to budget items; determining the consequences of funding at lower levels than requested; writing budget proposals and justifications; controlling expenditures and managing contracts and vendors. Also included are: negotiating work plans and budgets; monitoring and tracking contract completion; reviewing and approving contract payments; managing grants; preparing RFPs (Request for Proposal) and RFIs (Request for Information); and evaluating proposals and applications.

Free Courses

The management classes listed on the Supervison post are probably also helpful resources for strategic planning.

NYS Budget Information

NYS Budget Process:
Budget Glossary:

Procurement Information

ITS Procurement:
OGS Procurement Landing Page:
NYS Procurement Guidelines:
Business Service Center summary:

2022 NY GovBuy Classes

Purchasing in NYS 101 :
All classes:

Preparing reports and official documents

Description from Civil Service Subject of Examination:

Preparing reports and official documents – These questions test for the ability to prepare reports and other official documents for use within and among governmental agencies, in legal or regulatory settings, or for dissemination to the public. Some questions test for a knowledge of grammar, usage, punctuation, and sentence structure. Others test for the ability to present information clearly and accurately, to use the proper tone, and to organize paragraphs logically and comprehensibly.

Preparing Written Material

The previous resources on Preparing Written Material should be helpful for practice in presenting information clearly and accurately and organizing paragraphs logically and comprehensibly. Here’s a link to the livestream from earlier this year.

CSEA Booklets

The following CSEA Booklets may be useful:

  • Booklet 5 – Grammar, Usage, and Punctuation
  • Booklet 17 – Preparing Written Material

Free Courses about Management Communication

These free courses may also be helpful:

MIT – Management Communication for Undergraduates

Harvard – The Science of Corresponding with Busy People Webinar

Livestream links for 2022-12-10 exams

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Understanding and Interpreting a Manual

I’ve created some resources for understanding & interpreting a manual, and we went over it today in the live stream. The replay is available at and I will hopefully have it timestamped soon for easier review. Here are the PDFs if that’s all you’re looking for, though!

Civil Service example (similar topic) – if you want it without answer spoilers, stop scrolling now and try it:

Civil Service example (similar topic) – with answers:

NEW Understanding and Interpreting a Manual practice questions:

NEW Understanding and Interpreting a Manual practice answers

Livestream reminder & new resource

REMINDER: FINAL STUDY LIVESTREAM IS SATURDAY 3/26 AT 2 PM. Topic is Manuals & Wrap-Up. YouTube link:

Also, our fellow NYS IT professional Cedric Pinder has made a new study resource for you! Please note that I (Sarah) am not affiliated with the new site in any way. Here’s what Cedric had to say: “It’s not where I want it to be yet but sufficient for people to get some use out of it. If possible, please share the following link with your subscribers: . Please let them know the site contains practice questions, still a work in progress, still under construction and only covers the ITS 3 exams at this point in time.” Thanks for helping people study, Cedric!

All 2022 G23 Study Resources

This post will be updated with links to all resources for the 2022 G23 exams as they are created or discussed.