Livestream links for 2022-12-10 exams

If you would like to request a specific topic or if you would like materials e-mailed to you after the livestreams, please RSVP here: [RSVP closed]. RSVP is not required to attend.

To attend a livestream, just click the link below and you will be taken to the right page on YouTube. Alternatively, you can just subscribe to the Toner Tutoring YouTube channel and visit that channel at the correct time to find the livestream.

Read on for Livestream FAQs…

Why are there no livestreams for the open-competitive G23 ITS3 topics?
Because those topics were already covered in the previous set of livestreams, they are being skipped this time. This doesn’t mean that they will never be covered again, but just that Sarah has limited time before the exams so is focusing on things that haven’t been covered yet.

Why is there no livestream for Systems Analysis this time?
Same as above. It’s already been covered recently so the focus is on new material.

What do I miss if I can’t attend the livestream when it’s live?
If you can’t attend the live broadcast, you will miss out on being able to answer polls to test yourself and you will miss out on being able to ask questions in live chat. It’s more fun for Sarah to run the livestream if there are people to interact with, so pop on by if you have the time! If not, don’t fret because the stream will be available to re-watch after it has ended.