Bonus post-test stream on 4/30

Congrats! You made it through the G23 exam! If you’re wondering what happens next, I’ve got you covered. I’m going to be doing a post-test stream on Saturday, 4/30/2022 from 2-4 PM to answer as many post-test questions as I can. I’ll be starting with a Civil Service Overview, including the following information:

  • What should you expect after the exam?
  • What does a score notice look like?
  • How do eligible lists work?
  • What’s the rule of 3?
  • How does selective certification work?
  • What comes next?

If you have any questions you’d like to make sure I cover, post them in the comments here and I will do my best to address them.

Last minute thoughts for 2022 G23 exams

First of all, I’m sending best wishes and luck to everyone taking the exams. Be sure to try to get a good night’s sleep – don’t stay up too late cramming!

  • Directions to UAlbany Lecture Centers (LC’s) were discussed on stream here:
  • Information about the review process is available here (from 2017 exams): Test Review
    Remember that if you want to do review you will need to sign up for it on your test day!
  • Take your time and remember to breathe. You’ve prepared and now you’re just going to sit and do the best you can! You’ve got this!
  • Finally, just because it’s asked a lot… there are four topics for the exam – systems analysis, preparing written material, logical reasoning using flowcharts, and understanding & interpreting a manual. Compiled list of study resources can be found in this post: All 2022 G23 Study Resources

Comments will be open on this post for a while in case people have last minute questions; I’ll be checking in a couple times throughout the weekend to review any comments posted. — UPDATE 4/7/22 — Comments are now closed.

Livestream highlights from 2022-03-26

Hi everyone, here are some highlights from today’s livestream. Happy studying!
Link to replay:

  1. Directions to the UAlbany lecture centers (LC’s) — image reproduced below.
  2. There will be one more livestream! More details to come after the exam.
    Tentatively scheduled for April 30th, I will be going over Civil Service questions including:
    • What should you expect after the exam?
    • What does a score notice look like?
    • How do eligible lists work?
    • What’s the rule of 3?
    • How does selective certification work?
    • What comes next?
  3. New Understanding and Interpreting a Manual resources are available.
  4. Brief review of all topics
  5. Detailed explanation for the coin question from the 2014 flowcharts question set.
Lecture Centers are underground around the fountain at the center of the UAlbany campus.

Livestream reminder & new resource

REMINDER: FINAL STUDY LIVESTREAM IS SATURDAY 3/26 AT 2 PM. Topic is Manuals & Wrap-Up. YouTube link:

Also, our fellow NYS IT professional Cedric Pinder has made a new study resource for you! Please note that I (Sarah) am not affiliated with the new site in any way. Here’s what Cedric had to say: “It’s not where I want it to be yet but sufficient for people to get some use out of it. If possible, please share the following link with your subscribers: . Please let them know the site contains practice questions, still a work in progress, still under construction and only covers the ITS 3 exams at this point in time.” Thanks for helping people study, Cedric!

Upcoming G23 livestreams and how to watch livestreams after they end

Saturday, 3/19, 2-4 PM – Preparing Written Material and Logical Reasoning Using Flowcharts
Saturday, 3/26, 2-4 PM – Understanding and Interpreting a Manual and Wrap-Up

Note that if you add a reminder about these to your calendar, it may show up as 1 PM. That’s because daylight savings will happen between now and then – the streams will really start at 2 PM on those days!

Process for the next two streams will be similar to the first one – To join, just go to my YouTube channel (Toner Tutoring) and look for the live broadcast. I’ve also tried to link them above. I will probably start the broadcast around 1:45 PM with a countdown timer. If you miss it, all livestreams will be archived and available on my channel (hopefully in this playlist) and I will also link them here in the Videos section.

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Online study sessions coming soon

I’m working on some options for online study sessions. The main requirements are the ability to stream audio/video and have a chat function that is relatively easy to moderate. Right now the frontrunner is Twitch, but I’m also looking at WebEx (free version is limited to 100 people) or (don’t know how well it scales, doesn’t allow live video). If anyone has comments or experience with using these platforms or other suggestions, please comment on this post. Thanks in advance! EDIT 2022-03-21 Comments are closed.