Upcoming G23 livestreams and how to watch livestreams after they end

Saturday, 3/19, 2-4 PM – Preparing Written Material and Logical Reasoning Using Flowcharts
Saturday, 3/26, 2-4 PM – Understanding and Interpreting a Manual and Wrap-Up

Note that if you add a reminder about these to your calendar, it may show up as 1 PM. That’s because daylight savings will happen between now and then – the streams will really start at 2 PM on those days!

Process for the next two streams will be similar to the first one – To join, just go to my YouTube channel (Toner Tutoring) and look for the live broadcast. I’ve also tried to link them above. I will probably start the broadcast around 1:45 PM with a countdown timer. If you miss it, all livestreams will be archived and available on my channel (hopefully in this playlist) and I will also link them here in the Videos section.

After a livestream has ended, it takes YouTube a little while to process the video. The video should be ready within a day barring any major issues. I’ve just learned that if I trim the wait time off the beginning part of the video that the live chat replay breaks, so I will be endeavoring to leave the full and unedited streams on the channel. I can try to put a timestamp in the description with the correct time that the content actually starts, but you’re going to have to fast forward past the countdown to get there.

Finally, thank you again to everyone who was able to support this effort by sending a tip my way! The tip jar will be open with goals for the next two streams as well, but please only send something if you are comfortably able to do so. The streams will continue whether we meet goals or not. A link to the tip jar can be found in the description of the livestream videos.

If you have any questions or comments about the livestreams, I’m leaving comments open on this post so please let me know. Thanks! — Sarah. EDIT 2022-03-21 – Comments are now closed.

3 thoughts on “Upcoming G23 livestreams and how to watch livestreams after they end

  1. In the first livestream, it was mentioned that the Grade 23 Exam this year will not feature questions on the different subject areas of the exam (Data Communications, Database, Programming, and Systems Programming). Is this correct?

    With that being said, all FOUR of the different subject matter exams are covered by the base G-23 exam? Meaning, there is nothing extra to study if I work with databases and want to be in the ITS Specialist 3 (Database) eligible list after taking the exam?

    1. There are no subject-specific questions for the different parenthetics, that is correct. Please see the exam announcement to confirm.

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