Test Review this Saturday 10/21

For people who do not know, here is what happens for the review process:

  • On test day, at the test site, your room monitor reads a statement before the test. The information provided includes directions regarding Civil Service review.
  • For certain tests, you are able to attend a review session where specific questions are available to review.
  • The front of your test booklet describes which questions, if any, are available for review.
  • When you are done with your test, you need to ask the room monitor for a sheet to sign up for review. You will fill out the bottom part of the sheet and return that to the room monitor. The top part of the sheet contains information about the review.
  • If you already took your test, but didn’t remember to ask the monitor for a sheet to sign up for review, you can’t attend the review.

On review day (I guess it’s usually the week after the exam?), you will get a copy of the reviewable questions and the answers that Civil Service believes to be correct.
You can bring reference materials (but not cell phones/pagers/computers/etc).
You can write appeals regarding questions but have to cite reference for why you believe the question or answer is not good.

— Sarah